What does 2017 look like for you?

The year is ticking over, marred by a change in season throughout the world, one of despair, limitation and fear. I hope my 2017 looks different to this. Hope and Connection are what I hope saturate my world view and seep into my soul, providing balm and strength to face the changes we cant control and even the ones we can.

When children learn about the coming changes in their bodies through my Adoles-sense program,  they teach me that we can all have courage, fearlessness and humour to face all the changes that inevitably come with being human. They tell me, “Be kind to yourself’, “hang out with good people”, “trust in yourself” and they allow themselves to be vulnerable, open and congruent with their feelings. Somewhere in middle adolescence this all changes and self consciousness, comparisons to others and fear creep in like an unwelcome dinner guest who takes residence at our table for the next 20 or so years. Sometimes for ever.

How can we let our 11 year old self speak up, be seen, not leave the table?

Try and remember who we were at that time. Find a photo of yourself at that age. Put it beside your bedside table. Talk to it. What did you love to do? What inspired you? How did you show love to those you trusted? Spend a moment with your eyes closed pondering these questions, with hand on heart and feel. It is only when we go within, quieten the mind that we know our own truth. Once we can find meaningful connection with ourselves can we begin the journey to connect with others. Truly connect.

This is where we will find hope.

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