Talking Consent at High School

Talking Consent are workshops delivered to Highschool students focussing on understanding consent, defining consent and negotiating consent.

Through a variety of dynamic interactive techniques including storytelling, art and peer based learning, students come to sound understandings of consent in an appropriate age and stage related teaching environment. I have been delivering these workshops for the last 10 years, founded and precipitated by my 17 years experience working in the area of sexual violence for various NSW NGO’s and for NSW Health Department. Whilst this work profoundly changed me in understanding the gravity of violence within our community, it has inspired me to educate and support young people in a way that is relatable, interesting and current.

I aim to deliver this sensitive information in a facilitated environment of cohesion and positivity so that young people feel empowered to seek healthy relationships and look after eachother, that they understand risk and know how to identify that for themselves and that they become more self aware and have a sense of preparedness as they grow and change.

Contact for more information and pricing dependent on group size.

See below link for more comprehensive information about the Talking Consent High School Program: