Adoles-sense School Program

Adoles-sense is a sexuality and relationship program designed to help Yr 5 and 6 students be better able to make sense of the changes that come with puberty.

Using a variety of multi-faceted techniques that include art therapy, role play and counselling strategies, kids learn about these changes in a safe and structured program that is also fun!


  • To help kids feel normal about change and empowered by new knowledge
  • To understand self awareness and identify feelings and ways to manage strong emotion
  • To identify the changes that come with puberty including physical, emotional and social and ways to deal with these changes
  • To look at personal safety issues and protective behaviours
  • To develop bystander awareness and peer support relationships
  • Cost upon application
  • Yr 5 Program 2 sessions
  • Yr 6 Program 3sessions
  • Optional Parent zoom and/or face to face session

See link below for more comprehensive information about the program: