“As a parent, Jane’s group offers a safe and nurturing environment for my child to discuss issues that they may not feel comfortable exploring within the family dynamic. I’ve always felt it’s healthy for kids to be able to honestly and openly explore their concerns and interests, but as a mother I’m not necessarily the person my daughter is comfortable discussing particular topics with, so having this space available in her life is crucial, along with being able to workshop ideas with her peers and the conversation being guided by a woman trained and experienced in age appropriate response.”

Leah Wright – https://www.facebook.com/byronrashie

“Jane created a very open and trusting environment where the students felt increasingly comfortable discussing issues pertinent to them at this difficult and often confusing stage in their development. The topics were approached in an engaging and informative way and the balance between instruction, games, discussion and hands-on activity held the students’ interest throughout the Program. The students quickly understood that they had a platform to ask any questions that had on their minds and Janes answers were frank, non-judgmental and highly informative. For such a class of diverse characters and interests, with a wide range of abilities, interests and prior knowledge, I am certain that all the students who participated in the program learnt a great deal over the two days and I feel they are far better prepared to make educated choices when faced with the challenges that lie ahead of them. I will recommend Adoles-sense to other stage 3 teachers and look forward to seeing Jane next year.”

Christian Tranberg, Stage 3 teacher, Main Arm Public School