Consent for Kids Yr.5-6

Consent for Kids is a 2 part education session exploring really important understandings of self, body awareness and protective behaviours. One session initially and another several months later, in this way, learning is consolidated and reinforced.  After years of working with young people who have experienced trauma, I have developed a Program that provides earlier intervention to help resource and enhance confidence for young people within a protective behaviours lens. Using a variety of multi-faceted techniques that include art therapy, role play and counselling strategies, young people learn about themselves in a safe and structured program that is also fun!


  • To develop and maintain a positive self-concept
  • To understand self-awareness and identify feelings and ways to manage strong emotion
  • To understand early warning signs
  • Age appropriate understandings of body autonomy, consent and body sovereignty
  • Understanding personal safety issues and practising protective behaviours
  • Practising confident communication
  • Identify support systems
  • To develop bystander awareness and peer support relationships


  • One 90 minute session
  • Classroom group size recommended
  • 1 session for Yr. 5 and Yr.6 then another several months later to consolidate and extend learnings

Session 1/2: Year 5

  • Introduction and group agreements
  • Identifying self-concept and self-identification  
  • Develop ideas of positive self-image
  • Body awareness, early warning signs and feelings identification
  • Age appropriate consent information
  • Group cohesion and safety exercises
  • Evaluation and Conclusion

Session 1/2: Year 6

  • Introduction and group agreements
  • The individual and negotiating interpersonal relationships
  • Emotional and social changes at puberty
  • Personal safety, boundaries and identifying support system
  • Age appropriate consent information
  • Protective behaviours
  • Bystander awareness and peer support
  • Evaluation and Conclusion

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